PDU – Power Distribution Unit


Efa builds PDU:


      • From 24V to 750V, from 300W to 300kW
      • Affordable according to your quantities : components choices, industrialization
      • Scalable design to fit with options and range of vehicles
      • Reliable in harsh environment : IP level, shocks, vibrations, temperatures
      • Safe according to the CE standards
      • Easy to install (compacity, plug & play) and maintain
      • With a high efficiency : conduction and thermal management


Power Distribution Unit








Several wordings


      • PDU : Power Distribution Unit
      • PDB : Power Distribution Box
      • Junction box
      • Power box
      • Intelligent Power System

They are all the same, in efa we call it … PDU !

efa helps you in every phase of your vehicle development:


    • Predesign : Make macro choices
      • Measurement on existing vehicle
      • Dimensioning and macro option
      • Series solutions cost approach
    • Prototype : Manufacture quickly a PDU’s for your first vehicles
      • Rapid technical approach
      • Customization based on our modular approach
      • Tests and return of experience
    • Serial production : Optimize cost / quality / time delivery
      • Deep customization : PCB, space optimized solution, mix of electronics / electrotechnical technologies
      • Mass production
      • Validation process to meet the CE standards

The PDU is used in electric or hybrid vehicle for


    • The battery
      • Parallelize several strings of batteries
      • Isolate the batteries from the system
      • Insulation monitoring
      • Current measurement
    • The power circuits (traction, hydraulic group)
      • Protect the circuits
      • Isolate the power circuits
      • Pre-charge the DC capacitor of the circuits
    • Auxiliaries (heating, cooling, lights)
      • Generate the low voltage supply
      • Protect the auxiliaries circuits
      • Isolate the circuits