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Working together has always been part of efa’s DNA. We have always been able to support our customers using the many partnerships we have cultivated over the years. Whether exclusive Autec, Spohn & Burkhardt distributors or distributor-integrators for major manufacturers such as Amphenol, Curtis Instruments, Benevelli, Bender or Télémécanique, efa knows how to put its skills and those of its partners to good use, developing and innovating with its customers.

Control/command systems

Spohn & Burkhardt joysticks

Providing very high quality industrial joysticks, “Spobu” products offer a set of solutions ranging from joysticks to complete control stations to fully-equipped armrests.

Frei tiller heads

A wide range of modular tiller heads and a long integrator partnership within France enables FREI Solutions and efa France to meet the varied needs of customers in the world of mobile machinery and logistics.

Autec radio controls

Specifically adapted to control lifting bridges and mobile machinery, their toughness and FHSS technology work wonders in harsh environments.

Curtiss Wright joysticks

Whether they are fingertip controllable joysticks (JC120, JC1200, JC1210 or JC2000) or those that require a full grip (JC4000, JC6000), the Penny & Giles range will meet your needs


Benevelli motors

Benevelli electric motors and geared motors are the widest range on the market. Whatever your electromobility projects, as an integrator, efa France will be able to support you.

Flash Battery batteries

Flash Battery knows how to provide a set of solutions adapted to the application’s requirements: lithium battery, battery management system (BMS) or charger.

Vanguard batteries

The modularity and flexibility of Vanguard batteries from Briggs and Stratton are essential components for your vehicle electrification or hybridisation.

Curtis Instrument controllers

Curtis Instruments motor controllers are the gold standard of electromobility on the market. As a distributor-integrator of these products, efa France can take on all of your projects.

Sevcon controllers and converters

The Borgwarner (formerly Sevcon) motor controllers and voltage converters are a staple that efa will be able to select for you as a distributor-integrator of these products.

Amphenol power connectors

Powerlok, Radlock and Surlock Plus are the flagship ranges of Amphenol power connectors integrated by efa into its range and its projects.

Bender permanent insulation controllers

The Bender permanent insulation controllers are an indispensable and sometimes standard aspect of electric mobile applications.

Detection & Navigation

Telemecanique sensors

At efa we have end-of-travel mechanical position sensors or Telemechanique inductive position sensors. Need to adapt the XCK, XCM, XCN ranges?

SICK sensors

The SICK sensors and navigation are the gold standard on the market that efa integrates into its AGV or smart autonomous vehicle projects.

Preco anti-collision radar

A manufacturer of intelligent blind spot protection cameras and radars, Preco Electronics (formerly Sensata) works with efa France as an exclusive distributor.

IFM automatons and sensors

IFM is a market leader in position, anti-collision, guidance and automaton sensors for mobile machinery. So it is only natural that efa and IFM join forces to support you in your projects.