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Distribution at efa

The vision of founders Maximilian Von Puttkamer and Benoit Beaumont is to support customers with reliable and technologically advanced products that meet the various market requirements.

To do this, efa has created a global network of more than 300 suppliers – who very often become partners – each of whom bring their capacity for innovation in their own field, as well as their support, to our customers.

When asked what types of products are supplied by efa France, it is easier to explain what is not in the catalogue. Take a machine, remove the frame and the hydraulic components… we provide everything else!


  • Products that enable you to control a machine. Grouped together in our “Control/Command” range, they mainly consist of joysticks, radio controls, buttons and control panels assembled by our production and industrialisation teams.
  • Products that make it possible to secure a machine and its surroundings. Grouped together in our “Vision and Safety” range, they mainly consist of alarms, lighting, anti-collision systems and sensors for pedestrians.
  • Products that enable a machine to be moved. Grouped in our “e-mobility” range, they mainly consist of power connectors and cables, chargers, converters, drives, motors and batteries.

    Our range of products is divided into 4 large families

    Mobile machinery specialist - equipment distribution

    Products that enable you to control a machine

    Mobile machinery specialist - design

    Products to secure a machine

    Products that enable you to move a machine

    Accessories for your mobile machinery