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Electrification of our mobile machinery

Established almost 20 years ago, efa is evolving towards providing ever more value-added services for its customers. 5 years ago, a team of engineers was set up to support mobile machinery manufacturers in all of their project tasks… from design to production runs.

Today comprising 15 people, the Business Unit Controls specialises in efa’s 3 core operations: anti-collision, control/command and electrification of your machines. We will adapt, assemble or create the solutions to meet our customer expectations for each individual project.

For equipment or mobile machinery manufacturers who want to improve safety and minimise polluting, noisy and arduous nuisances through innovative solutions, efa France offers electrical components integrated into multiphysics systems.

These sub-assemblies meet both the manufacturer’s and the final user’s electrification, navigation and control/command requirements.

efa has gained experience in the mobile sectors through its Business Unit Controls.

We are experts in these technologies and have the open-mindedness to make these complex solutions accessible.

We have an ability to work in tandem with the mechanical or hydraulic design offices, meaning our sole objective is to lead your projects efficiently.

 Anti-collision and navigation

When a customer wants to develop a personalised anti-collision or navigation solution, efa is there. We will be able to support you in your navigation projects for autonomous vehicles or in protecting people in your work areas.

Our customers in the railway, public works, agriculture and industry sectors trust us to select or develop the best solutions on the market before putting them into production.