Control accessories

Vehicle control

CVehicle Controls, Efa offers all the controls of your vehicles like joysticks, pedals, dashboards and keyboards and drawbar heads.
We intervene mainly in the vehicles of the sectors of the agriculture, the BTP, the airport, logistics, road, railway, vehicles of intervention and electric vehicles.
Indeed, the orders vehicles are essential for machines and machines performing, productive, efficient and modern.

Efa Know-how

Also, we control and integrate all these products daily in the projects of our customers.
We make sure to only offer quality products, secured and tested beforehand.
Indeed, each project is rigorously studied in order to bring you the best possible solution.
Therefore, we integrate the most efficient products and adapted to your projects.
Efa, your mobile gear specialist!

Our product range

Radio Remote control

Radiocontrols are transmission device for automatic installations of machines, machines or vehicles.


The pedals are electronic throttle controls for medium and heavy light commercial vehicles. Efa uses the Williams control supplier.

Industrial Joysticks

The use of joysticks is more and more widespread in the industrial sector. They can be implanted in cranes, machines of factories, agricultural machinery, forestry

Tiller heads and armrests

Efa offers 2 products for the control of your vehicles and machines. Head of drawbar and armrest of command, these products are also essential in the sector of the mobile machines.

Control station

Efa France is France’s exclusive distributor for all Spohn and Burkhardt products and offers you a complete range of control positions.