How does ultrasound technology work? First of all, as the name implies, ultrasound technology is based on sound. A sound that, of course, is totally inaudible to human beings. These sound waves are propelled by the sensor to more than 340m / s and are reflected by the objects. The flight time to return to the sensor indicates the distance between the sensor and the object.

Ultrasound is known for their anticollision application on our cars. This is indeed a good way to use these sensors. Moreover, their affordable price allows to multiply them to cover a larger surface.

Ultrasound technology is preferred for detecting large objects. You will not be able to detect objects smaller than a euro coin.

Ultrasound is not sensitive to light, fog, dust or snow. Outdoor use is therefore totally possible.

At Efa, we work with wide-field ultrasound, which allows us not to over-multiply the sensors and therefore easily integrate them into our customers’ vehicles.

We usually associate the sensors between them and couple them with our Adaptalarm so that the source of the danger is qualified thanks to the different sounds emitted according to the origin of the object (left / right, up / down).

The ultrasound detection distance does not exceed 8 meters, we use them only on vehicles working at low speed.

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