Radio remote control for off-road vehicle

Why us ?

Efa is a specialist in the mobile machinery sector. We wish to strengthen and complement our expertise by developing the mobile radio market. Mobile radio controls can be adapted to any type of market and company. Indeed, the system can be implemented in  the agricultural, forestry, railway … sector on all automated mobile machines. Indeed, it will adapt perfectly to your activity to make it easier for operators thanks to its different models. Mobile radio controls significantly increase the activity’s productivity. It will change the way to work for the operator since it generates a number of advantages.

Advantages of mobile radio controls systems:

  • Removing operator from hazardous or prohibited areas
  • Reduction of the painful conditions
  • Improved visibility of maneuvers, more precision in the removal of load
  • Elimination of unwanted wire link
  • Simplification of the control circuit, limits the movements of the operator
  • Only 1 operator necessary, this one can be multitasking and perform different actions simultaneously
  • Efficient and safe emergency stop in the event of incorrect handling
  • The function of protection is declared safety against unintentional movements from the rest position of the actuators classified EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061.

Thanks to these, you can remotely control a cylinder, an engine, a winch, a crane or a hoist, unload a truck, cut a tree and all this at a distance! Uses are not restricted and you can ask to format your transmitters according to your needs and your machines and gear.