Today we are starting a series of articles discussing the different technologies we use to ensure the safety of our customers and end users.

On construction sites, in warehouses, or any other working environment with many vehicles, the need for collision avoidance systems is well established. It is to control this danger that we support our customers in the implementation of anti-collision systems based on different technologies.

1st technology: The radar
Radar for RAdio Detection And Ranging is a technology that uses electromagnetic wave propagation vertically and horizontally to map its environment. The waves propagate at high speed in the space around the radar and will bounce and return to the sensor, which will calculate the distance to the object. The return of waves to the sensor is very dependent on the shape and material of the object. The sensor therefore uses an algorithm and accumulates all the data to guarantee the position of the object.

The use of radar in collision avoidance systems is widespread. It is found especially on high-end models of cars to control the distance with the previous vehicle.

Radar is more efficient in detecting large objects made of dense material. The radar has the advantage of detecting several objects at the same time, and in a very large volume. With the Preco sensor we use, we can detect up to 16 objects simultaneously. The detection width is also one of these many advantages: 150 °.

The radar sensors that we use for our client projects are very resistant (IP69K and IK08) and can operate in extreme conditions: fog, rain, wind, mud, night and day, …. Moreover in case of malfunction due to a shutter of the sensor the radar self-diagnosis and announces that it is no longer able to properly detect objects.

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