WD drive wheels

WD Driving Wheels

The WD electric drive wheel range consists of 3 models of ultra compact drive wheels. It is a high density electric motor and reducer assembly. The two-stage gearbox allows this compact design and therefore easy integration into your vehicle.

With four WDs on your vehicle, you will be able to make very precise movements and turn on yourself.

The WD series models are compatible with motors ranging from 1 to 15 KW for a supply voltage ranging from 24 to 144V. There are many combinations.

You can install them on very heavy vehicles thanks to the compact and robust design of the wheels.

The WDs are IP67 (according to the IEC 60529 standard).

They are equipped with an incremental encoder which makes it easier to program the drive and to be more precise in the commands sent because the rotational speed of the motor is known at all times.