TX1 Transaxle Drive System

TX1 Transaxle Drive System:

A complete set composed of a differential gear, an independent suspension or a rigid drive axle, an electric motor and a braking system.

The modular system includes several variable gear ratio, lane width, wheel hubs and brakes.
Customized versions can be conceived to answer your specific need.


Technical specifications

Mounting position: Six standard mounting positions (axis inclination Z from  0 ° to 180 °) for more installation possibilities.

Welding: performed by robots (Accredited TUV ISO 15614: 2012).

Exterior finish : All the metal parts  are submitted to a high quality and anticorrosive zinc coating

Rigid axle : 57mm diameter  stretch pipe (7,5mm thickness) are setteled with integrate dowels on the gearbox

Gearbox: the aluminium alloy casing gear minimize the weight by adding strenght to the new robust conception

Lubrification: Our products are delivered with synthetic oil Mobilube1

Wheel bearings : Double angular contact ball bearings also permit utilization in intense conditions.

Gears finishing : hardened steel gear ensure a low noise level.


Our teams control the complete powertrain and advise you on your whole project.
– Feasibility survey, choice and dimensioning the elements.
– Integration (electrical boxes, bundles…)
– Configuration
– Installation on site
– Training

EFA is the ideal partner to go on electric !


The TX1 axle is use for light-duty vehicles in many sectors like the agricultural one, the building sector, the hospital sector, the industry sector, the horticulture sector or every other sector which need electric drivetrains