Tilller head

Tiller head

The Frei tiller head adapts to all Tiller machines. It allows you to control them with different buttons. The range is made of two products, the TEMO 200 and the TEMO 600 characterized by their number of buttons namely 2 and 6 controls.
The products meet your operators’ needs and arepersonalized according to your machine’s actions. When you buy the tiller head, you can configure the button actions. A wide choice of 50 actions is at your disposal (fast, slow, high / low, turn, turn on, turn off …). You then configure the 2 or 6 controls as desired. You also choose the appropriate buttons (rocker 2-3 positions, pushbuttons, analog trigger, thumbwheel …).
In addition, you can choose your tiller head color from a 6 colors range. Thus, the product will be 100% customized and adapted to your company and your machines.


Frei is a German company specializes in electronic, electromechanical and mechanical solutions manufacturing and development. They are present all over the world thanks to their many dealers.
Its values are structured around innovation and customer satisfaction. This is why Efa and Frei work closely together to bring you the best products and solutions.


Efa, mobile machine specialist integrates tiller head in its expertise. Efa offers the additional options integration (Display, emergency stop…). In addition, we help you personnalize your product, we help you choose the orders and controlsthat suits your machine.