Synchronous electric motors

Synchronous electric motors

The AC electric motors (AC) of our partners are perfect engines for your electric vehicles.

Indeed, they are able to provide an ideal torque / speed ratio in many applications. Also, they are able to vary from 0 to 12000 rpm, these engines are very robust and made with a magnetic steel of irreproachable quality.

All motors are also equipped with speed sensors, thermistor and encoder to control all aspects. Our engines can then meet the IP20, 54 and 67 standards depending on the chosen option.

Technical characteristics:
Rated Voltage (Vac): 15 to 120
Power S2 60 ‘(kW): 1 to 25
Power S3 15% (kW): 2 to 30
Insulation class: F or H
Compliant with standards: CE and UL


Our teams control the complete powertrain and advise you on your whole project.
– Feasibility survey, choice and dimensioning the elements.
– Integration (electrical boxes, bundles…)
– Configuration
– Installation on site
– Training

EFA is the ideal partner to go on electric !