Preview Wireless Worksight

Preview Wireless Worksight

PreView Wireless WorkSight® pairs our robust accident avoidance technology with a wireless, touch-screen display for a hassle-free safety solution. Our touch screen display is designed to work through gloves, dirt, and oil so your vehicle operators never have to sacrifice productivity.


Colored graphics make it easy for the operator to quickly understand their proximity to the detected object.


Completely customizable detection range from 3m to 6m and control of audio and visual settings gives you the freedom to adjust to different vehicle operating conditions.


Wireless technology reduces installation time by up to 60%. Increase productivity and revenue generating activities by eliminating body harness installation.

How it works ?

  • The detection area is divided into five zones that represent collision potential.
  • If a person or object is detected in any of the zones, WorkSight sends a wireless message to the display.
  • The display gives a zone appropriate audible and visual alert to warn the operator.

Efa Know-how

Efa France integrates, for these customers, more and more anti-collision solutions. Indeed, this issue is very important for collisions between vehicles, but also for machine-pedestrian collisions. We help our customers to find the best solution for their work environment. Once this solution is found we program the kit and prepare it for installation.


  • Secure and dedicated wireless connection
  • Regulation: FCC Part 15.249 – EU ETSI EN300-440 – Narrow legal 24 GHz band in most countries
  • Length of the detection zone: from 0m to 6m (minimum 3m)
  • Possibility to adjust the detection zones
  • Consumption <0.5A
  • 9 – 33 V power supply, connects to vehicle turn signal
  • Resistance to the environment: -40C to + 85C – Shock; 50G – Vibration: 25G – IP69K
  • Sensor dimensions: 11.2cm x 26.7cm x 3.6cm
  • Screen size: 2,6cm x 5,9cm x 5,1cm
  • Polycarbonate case
  • Mounting: 4 holes of 5.58mm diameter