Preview Side defender II

Preview Side defender

PreView Side Defender is the most advanced side collision avoidance radar available for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Side Defender uses a frequency modulated transmit waveform to accurately detect and measure an objects’ distance, angle, and relative velocity.


Side Defender’s intelligent technology uses the vehicle’s speed information to detect only moving objects, while ignoring those that are stationary, such as guardrails. Side Defender helps keep drivers focused on what matters most.


Side Defender is equipped with a built-in-self-test and blockage detection that will alert the driver in a fraction of a second if any malfunctions or excessive blockages have been detected.


Side Defender’s CAN bus communication protocol makes it easy to integrate with existing telematics, ADAS, or vision systems. When used with a telematics application, Side Defender is an excellent management tool.

How does it work?

• If a person or object is detected, Side Defender sends a message to the in-cab display.
• When the turn signal is engaged,  the display will give an audible and visual alert that will warn the operator when an object has been detected.

Efa know-how

Efa France integrates, for these customers, more and more anti-collision solutions. Indeed, this issue is very important for collisions between vehicles, but also for machine-pedestrian collisions. We help our customers to find the best solution for their work environment. Once this solution is found we program the kit and prepare it for installation.


  • Frequency: 24Ghz
  • Regulation: FCC Part 15.249 – EU ETSI EN300-440 – Narrow legal 24 GHz band in most countries
  • Length of the detection zone: from 6m before and 6m after the sensor
  • Width of the detection zone: from 3 to 8 m
  • Possibility to adjust the detection zones
  • Consumption <0.5A
  • 9 – 33 V power supply, connects to vehicle turn signal
  • Resistance to the environment: -40C to + 85C – Shock; 50G – Vibration: 25G – IP69K
  • Dimensions: 12.5cm x 10.3cm x 3.3cm
  • Connectors: Deutsch DT06-08SA-E008 (Deutsch DT04-08PA-CE01 compatible)
  • Polycarbonate case
  • Mounting: 4 holes of 5.58mm diameter