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Designer and manufacturer of Power Distribution Units


      • From 24V to 750V, from 300W to 300kW
      • Adapted to your needs and quantities: choice of components and level of industrialization
      • Sizing of components according to your machines
      • Reliability in constrained environments: IP level, shocks, vibrations, temperatures
      • Secure and reliable according to CE standards
      • Easy to install and maintain (compact, plug & play, accessible)
      • Efficiency in thermal and electrical management
Power Distribution Unit
PDU manufacturing


Since 2009, efa’s manufacturing teams have continued to grow. Starting from simple sensor wiring, the industrialization department is today competent and capable of producing complex power subassemblies, high voltage cables or integrating PLCs into complete wired enclosures.

      • 50+ people make subassemblies
      • Tools for large section cables: cutting, marking, crimping… up to 125mm²
      • ISO 9001 process ensuring the quality and repeatability of the solutions produced
      • 100% testing of complex equipment with data and production traceability
      • >100kpcs manufactured per year
      • 2 production sites: Tours (France), Berlin (Germany)

    Strong partnerships

    efa does not just distribute the products of its partners. Each partnership is built on an integrator-distributor relationship.

    As an integrator, efa has acquired technical knowledge specific to the needs of off-road customers for power applications. This product and business knowledge allows support adapted to each client, whether during the product selection, design or manufacturing phases.

    As a distributor, efa has the ability to build buffer stocks and manage large volumes of components. These large volumes benefit the customer whether in terms of product availability or costs since they benefit small and medium series projects.


    • Partnership on key components: contactors, permanent insulation controller (CPI), power connectors
    • Distributor and Integrator
    • Availability of the tools necessary for high power cables and connectors

    Gigavac and TE Connectivity contactors

    Ranges GV, GX

    Ranges EV100, EV200, LEV100, LEV200

    Permanent Insulation Controller Bender

    IR155, ISO165C, ISO175C

    Power Distribution Unit functions


    • Parallelize battery strings
    • Isolate batteries from the machine
    • Insulation permanent control
    • Current measurement

    Power circuits

    Traction, hydraulic pump

    • Circuit protection
    • Circuits isolation
    • Precharge circuit

    Auxiliaires power management

    • Deliver low voltages
    • Protect auxiliaries
    • Circuits isolation

    efa supports you at every step of your project


    Take key project decisions

    • Measurement on existing vehicles
    • Rough components sizing
    • Serial production cost assessment


    Manufacture quickly your first PDUs

    • Quick technical approach
    • Customized solution based on a modular approach
    • Re-use efa standard solutions
    • Test and validate assumptions

    Serial production

    Cost, quality and delay optimization

    • Advanced customization of components and sub-systems : PCB, electric and thermal optimization of components, power box size optimization
    • Manufacturing process optimization
    • Tests et validations according to CE standards