Penny & Giles Joysticks

Penny & Giles joysticks range 

The Curtiss-Wright Group’s Joysticks Penny & Giles range offers a wide range of industrial manipulators.
Ergonomic handles, robust headers and multiple customization possibilities permit to provide human-machine interfaces for road and off-road applications such as construction and agricultural vehicles, material handling and other specialized vehicles.
Muting handles, contact bases or with analog output signal or CAN, IP65, 12V or 24V.


Curtiss Whright industrial joysticks are mounted on many agricultural machines, constructions, roads, foresters and grapins.


Embedded joystick specialist and exclusive France distributor, EFA provided the complete range of Penny & Giles. Also, we make your custom manipulator by adding control buttons and sensors to the joystick.. We modify the electronic cardand recalibrate the signal according to your needs. We also integrate these control elements into complete man-machine interfaces such as dashboards, desks, armrests, etc.