Motor controller for AC electric motor

Electrical AC motor controller

Electric speed AC motor controller produced by SME provide an asynchronous AC motor advanced control.
A wide range of variator allow motor controls to 80kW
Thanks to the variator’s programming software, it’s easy to configure all the inputs and outputs. The speed and torque ratio will be easily adaptable.

  • DC supply voltage up to 144V and maximum current up to 750Amps
  • Efficiency and long lifetime thanks to the power module technology patented DBC
  • Inputs and outputs fully customizable.
  • Easy synchronization with the user graphic interface TAU
  • IP65 protection

The range


  • ACS1 : from 24 to 80 V for 75 to 300 Arms
  • ACM1 : from 24 to 80 V for 350 to 500 Arms
  • ACL1 : from 36 to 80 V for 450 to 700 Arms
  • ACS2 : from 24 to 48 V for 300 to 375 Arms
  • ACM2 : from 24 to 144 V for 350 to 450 Arms


– Our teams control the complete powertrain and advise you on your whole project.
– Feasibility survey, choice and dimensioning the elements.
– Integration (electrical boxes, bundles…)
– Configuration
– Installation on site
– Training

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