Motopump group

A motopump group is called like this because it brings together an electric motor and a hydraulic pump. The motoump group is an essential element for the proper functioning of a vehicle.

Motopump units are widely used in all vehicles fitted with hydraulic actuators such as cylinders or hydraulic motors. Indeed, hydraulic systems allow the activation of many functions requiring a lot of power.

Our range of motopumps or hydraulic power packs will allow you to drive a hydraulic cylinder or a hydraulic motor.

Our hydraulic pumps can be controlled at variable speed, allowing the costly variable displacement pumps to be replaced by a fixed displacement pump.

To determine the Motopump group you need, we will look at the force of the cylinder you need (Pressure x section of the cylinder) or that of the motor. Then we can determine the flow rate of the pump based on the volume of oil and the time you need to make the movement. These two data will allow us to size the electric motor. Its power is relative to the flow and pressure of the pump.

Hydraulic pumps can be driven by asynchronous or synchronous permanent magnet motors (PMAC) to improve the overall performance of the function.

Efa know-how

Efa France supports you in the sizing and integration of your motopump group.

Depending on your application, we will offer you the hydraulic unit with the right power, the right pressure and the right flow to drive your hydraulic elements.