Industrial remote control

Remote controls

Efa can offer different remotes controls for the industry. The two main families are the button boxes and the LK neo. They adapt to any type of workshop in order to make the work of the operators more efficient, productive and less painful. Both types of transmitters feature ISO 13849-1-compliant STOP functionality, good dual-band reception and traditional (434-915 MHz) standards, and automatically search for start-up operating frequencies. 1 button represents an order and therefore an action, it is possible to add them using cards placed on the receiver.

SERIE Button box

There are 3 button boxes: A6, A8 and A4 named according to the number of buttons. They are compact, lightweight and resistant to 1.5 meters of falls. They communicate in Can and serial and have an internal lithium-ion battery.

For safety, they only start with a PIN code and there isfeedback characterized by 4 Leds that indicate the machine’s state


There are 6 types of LK Neo, 6, 8, 10 and 12 button versions.Both 6 and 10 button versions with a customizable 1.8-inch display. (DF) They are created with a modern, functional and optimized design. Different configurations of actions are possible and the addition of new buttons is optional. It has an external vibrator and an alarm vibration for the display version


Efa is a mobile equipment specialist and wants to open up to the industrial sector by commercializing industrial radio controls. Efa provides the complete range of radio controlsfor this sector, namely the different types of transmitters and receivers. We integrate this communication into your workshop and help you choose the most suitable remote controls and receivers for your needs, your production and your operators.