Industrial radio receivers

Industrial receivers

AUTEC industrial receivers range offers 8 different reception units depending on the type of activity and workshop. They are arranged on the automated system of a machine. Their role is to receive the orders emitted by the remote controls or manipulators in order to transmit them to the automated system so that they realize them.

They are supplied with direct or alternating currentdepending on the models. The range goes from simpler and basic models to more elaborate models. The latter responded to the needs of more complex activities and actions.
Some of them can be connected to an automatic installation’s CAN. Six of the eight receivers have a  Feedback system. For the 4 most elaborate, it is possible, thanks to slots of extensions, to add different cards which will allow the transmitter to activate more orders.

They are inseparable from remote controls and manipulators and will allow operators to carry out actions remotely and greatly secure their work. Thanks to the wide range, each activity will find the system adapted to its workshop.


Efa is a mobile equipment specialist and wants to open up to the industrial sector by commercializing industrial radio controls. Efa provides the complete range of radio controlsfor this sector, namely the different types of transmitters and receivers. We integrate this communication into your workshop and help you choose the most suitable remote controls and receivers for your needs, your production and your operators.