Manipulators for industrial radio remote controls

Industrial manipulators

Industrial manipulators are transmitters with more possibilities in complex actions
Manipulators will transmit the message to the receivers using buttons, pushbuttons or joysticks. They will radically improve the way operators work by making it simpler and more productive.
Joysticks and pushbuttons allow a greater freedom of action than standard remote controls since it is possible to carry out actions by analogy depending on the use of the joystick.

As to accelerate a motor, the more you push the Joystick, the more action will grow. The manipulators therefore also adapt to any type of workshops with more complex actions. There are 3 sizes: AJM – AJR – AJS and have 1 to 4 manipulators. For added security, an identification system is set up with a code for each operator.

Emergency STOP function complies with the ISO 13849-1 standard, which corresponds to the highest level of safetyand has a machine status display system with 4 or 16 LEDs

Manipulators operate on dual band technology (434 – 915 MHz).With its imposing size, the manipulator has various accessories like straps for an easier grip.


Efa is a mobile equipment specialist and wants to open up to the industrial sector by commercializing industrial radio controls. Efa provides the complete range of radio controlsfor this sector, namely the different types of transmitters and receivers. We integrate this communication into your workshop and help you choose the most suitable remote controls and receivers for your needs, your production and your operators.