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EVAS – Embedded Voice Control System

EVAS – embedded voice assistant system

ref: 115-311-001

EVAS is the first embedded voice control system with integrated database communicating in CAN BUS interface. It is multi-speakers, multi-languages, and works off-line.
The system recognizes the order configured by the operator and translates it by sending a CAN frame on the network. EVAS allows you to control the vehicles functions, to activate combinations of functions, or to ask for information by voice, while leaving the operator focused on its main mission

Pre-recorded voice commands are offered during system setup, but it is also possible to record your own commands. It is therefore a 100% customizable system, it can register up to 1000 orders. Its configuration is simple and intuitive.

Therefore, EVAS will bring you safety, productivity and comfort. In addition, its IK08 impact resistance and IP67protection allow it to adapt to all the most severe environments.


As a embedded voice recognition applications specialist, Efa controls the sound acquisition in noisy environments, the sound signals processing and the transcription of phonemes recognized in the CAN Bus language.
We accompany you on your environment sound diagnosis, the choice of the microphone the most adapted to your business constraints and we make you benefit from our experience in the embedded voice control field.


EVAS can be used in many situations. It permits to add a “third” hand to the user: his voice.
With EVAS you can :

  • Check your machine (on / off, working lights, position 2,.)
  • Ask for information about its status (fuel level, battery level, …).
  • Activate working modes or predefined settings (night / day mode, apprentice driving, cleaning procedure …)
  • Navigate on the screen (display hydraulic parameter, lower pump pressure 2, …)
  • Enable work areas (activation of nozzle 1, activation of zone 1, …)

Everything connected to the machine CAN Bus is controllable and searchable via EVAS. It is up to you to find the right application.