Electronic suspended pedals

Electronic suspended pedals

The electronic suspended pedals are designed for clean floor access application.
The William controls range offers 4 pedals that meet all the applications requirements. They are designed with an angle between 19 and 20 °.
Three of them are made of high strength plastic and one is made of aluminum and steel.

They are designed to provide an electrical signal to an engine control module regarding to the operator power demand. They are programmed as analogue output and / or integrated accumulator. In addition, they are waterproof IP67, corrosion resistant and highly resistant to EMC. This makes them secure for operators and machines.

The electronic suspended pedals are fully customizable. Indeed, the arms and / or the support are modifiable according to the operators or builders situations and the requirements.

Therefore, they are customized to optimize driver ergonomy. In addition, they can be designed with contact sensors or PWM outputs.


Efa is a specialist in mobile equipment and wants to complement its expertise by commercializing electronic pedals.
Efa provides the complete range of electronic pedals, including floor pedals, suspended pedals and thumb throttle accelerators

We therefore integrate these elements into your system and help you choose the accelerator that best suits your needs,your production and your operators.