Electronic floor pedals

Electronic floor pedals

The electronic floor pedals are suitable for seated and standing applications and it is better to have the pivot point under the operator’s heel.
The range is composed of 7 custom pedals to meet different requirements. In addition, the pedals are adapted to different environments and situations (road, off-road, open cab, handling, utility vehicle …).

They exist with pedal angles between 14 ° and 52 ° and with or without Hall sensor. They come with a rubber coating for better feet traction.

Some units can be customized with PWM contact or output sensors. They are corrosion resistant and are made of sturdy aluminum. Some are designed narrow for limited spaces and others for forward / backward movements or even coast / coast.
Therefore, they will fit all your vehicles and machines. They have several holes for various mounting options. They are all different and you can find among this range an acceleration pedal to meet all your needs and adapt perfectly to your vehicles and machines.


Efa is a specialist in mobile equipment and wants to complement its expertise by commercializing electronic pedals.
Efa provides the complete range of electronic pedals, including floor pedals, suspended pedals and thumb throttle accelerators

We therefore integrate these elements into your system and help you choose the accelerator that best suits your needs, your production and your operators.