Electric variator with high voltage for AC motor Sevcon

The range of electric variator with high voltage Sevcon


Considered as the “brain” of the electric driving chain, the variator is able to set up the speed and the engine torque of an AC motor by varying the voltage and the frequency. The speed variators differ from her voltage : they might be low voltage or high voltage. 

In partnership with the companySevcon, Efa offer you a range of high voltage variators for AC motor synchronous. The range include 4 variators :

  • Gen4 HVLP

  • Gen4-S8

  • Gen4-S10

  • Gen 5-S9

This range of high voltage product range from 120V to 800V and 10 kW to 300 kW regarding the power.

In addition, the variators have the last algorithm in terms of vehicle handling : the Sevcon products offer his algorithm “Intelligent Control Inside”. The variator set up is quite easy and allows to play on plenty settings.

The application range of these variators are wide : Forklift, site crane, dump truck, mixer truck etc. (non-exhaustive list).




Our expertise

With Efa, we use high voltage variators for AC motors. we always be able to guide you whatever you need towards the variator technology the most relevant and financially attractive for you.

Our experts handle the whole driving chain and advice you for all your projects.
– Feasibility study, components choices and dimensioning
– Intégration (coffrets électriques, platines électriques, faisceaux, etc)
– Paramétrage
– Integration on-site
– Training
EFA is your ideal partner to convert you for electric.

Main characteristics 

 Electric variator Gen4 HVLP


  • Voltage range : 200V to 800V 
  • Motor compatibility : Permanent magnet & Induction asynchronous motor
  • Protection rating : SPF6K9K
  • Current peak : 53A 
  • Direct current : 33A



      Electric variator Gen4-S8

      • Power peak output : Up to 100kW
      • Voltage : Up to 400V
      • Motor compatibility : Permanent magnet and induction motor
      • Rating protection : SPF66
      • Intelligent control inside : Motor handling algorithm

      Electric variator Gen4-S10

      • Power peak outpuk : Up to 300kW 
      • Voltage : Up to 800V
      • Compatibility motor : Permanent magnet & induction motor
      • Standard : ISO26262
      • Intelligent control inside : Motor handling algorithm

      Electric variator Gen 5-S9

      • Power peak output  : Up to 140 kW   
      • Voltage : Up to 420V
      • Motor compatibility : Permanent magnet 
      • Rating protection : SPF6K9K
      • Standard : ISO26262 
      • Include : Supervision security processor 

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