Efa France introduces its solutions AGVs conception.

First, thanks to long-standing partnerships, Efa France sizes and supplies all the parts necessary for the electric traction of your robot or autonomous vehicle. From battery to wheel, efa programs electric traction according to your needs.

Then comes the Guidance and Anti-collision section. Thanks our knowledge on several technologies (Lidar, radar, Infrared, 3D, …) efa allows your machines to move autonomously. it learns their environment, takes into account their kinematics, avoids obstacles and does what you ask. The big plus of our solution is that you do not have to bury cables, paint strips on the ground or completely modify your factory for this AGV to be operational.

Thanks to our dedicated software you can do tracking, mission management, stream optimization and live visualization. All centralized on your private server.

To go further you can regain control with our radio control solutions. You can also, thanks to our other innovations, control your AGV trough your voice and make it dialogue with its environment.


Efa help you in your autonomous robot conception:

  • Feasibility study
  • Supply of complete kits
  • Programming and configuration
  • Integration and installation on site
  • Training