DC electric motors

Electric motors DC motors

As the name suggests, DC electric motors use direct current as a power supply. DC motors are less expensive and easier to integrate into your electrical system. Indeed, they do not require the use of AC / DC converter. DC motors are preferred for vehicles or installations with low consumption (below 1 kW). Most of the time DC electric motors are used in 12 or 24V. They have a torque / linear speed ratio, which makes them easy to use.

DC motors have some faults, however. Indeed, they require maintenance. The higher the power, the more expensive the maintenance. It is for this reason that, except in exceptional cases, we will never offer you a DC motor of more than 1 kW.

In the range of DC motors there are also “brushless” DC motors. These electric motors have no brushes and therefore benefit from a longer service life and less maintenance. On the other hand, the controllers will be more elaborate and therefore more expensive.

At Efa, we use DC motors for very specific and generally “accessory” applications. We will always be able to direct you, according to your need, towards the most relevant and financially interesting electric motor technology for you.

Our expertise

Our teams master the complete powertrain and advise you on your entire project.
– Feasibility study, choice and dimensioning of elements
– Integration (electrical boxes, electrical plates, harnesses, etc.)
– Setting
– Installation on site
– Training
EFA is then the ideal partner to go electric.

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