Poignée de commande Ministro

Control handle Ministro


The handle control Ministro of the german brand, FREI, get a wide application field regarding the industrial machine. Ministro allows a control by means of his accelerator, STIPO, giving a better accuracy in the industrial vehicles handling. You will earn time by lifting heavy charges. 

The button fits as a butterfly gets several colours : the orange (the standard one), yellow, black, grey, red, green and blue. For this purpose, the product will be 100% custom and appropriate for your company and your vehicle.


Frei is a german company specialised in manufacturing for products and solutions   regarding electronics, electromechanical and mechanics . By dint of their wide retailer, they are active from all over the worlds. Their values are focused around innovation and customer satisfaction. That’s why, Efa France and France get on well together to bring you the best products and solutions.

Our expertise

Efa is a parts supplier for industrial vehicles  and embed his expertise for the control handle Ministro. His accelerator has several configurations (output signal, wide colours et butterfly lifting) to match with your company and adjusted with your machine. In addition, the company  supports you into the customisation  of your products by : choosing the controller and his button  adjusted to your machine and your necessity.