Control armrest

Control armrest

Efa offer a set to be composed made of an armrest and a control unit. The control armrest is fully flexible and ergonomic. It can adjust to variable height to fit your operator’s needs. The armrest is protected IP65, so it fully resist the dust and the water projection.

It communicate via CAN Open thanks to the control unit. This one is placed at the end of the armrest and is made up with 7 controls. 3 thumb controls on the left and 4 unique axes button on the front. Control unit is declined in 2 combinations. The MONO 300 and the MONO 400 characterized by their thumb controls. The MONO 300 has 3 control buttons, whereas the MONO 400 has 2 control buttons and a 2 axis joystick.

Each combination has been created to adjust your environments and applications. Button laser engraving  is also possible. You can chose between a lot of button applications. Frei offer a wide range of button applications to fit your needs. (Fast, Slow, lock, unlock, light on, light off…).
This armrest fit in agricultural vehicles, construction machines, industrial trucks


Efa sales and integrate the Frei control armrest. Mobile machine specialist, Efa advises you on how to use and configure your product based on your environment and operator’s needs.