Codesys programmable screens range

Our configurable under Codesys screens range allows us to quickly respond to all customer needs.

Four different sizes screens are available in the range. They each have their particularities, but are all IP67 and operates under CODESYS, an IEC 161131-3 certified system. These embedded control systems are working with CAN Bus.

The 107-000-723, is 7 inches and has 9 keys, navigation cross, an analog video signal and a beep, it offers many possibilities of control of your vehicle. It has a built-in PLC.

The 107-000-726 does it 12 inches and is endowed with 13 keys, navigation cross, I / O, video signal and a buzzer. The screen offers a high resolution display readable under the sun. It has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and a strong resistance to rays.

The 107-000-766 is 4.3 inches. This compact color display is offering 6 keys and navigation cross to ensure a simple and effective management of your engines.

The 107-000-354 is 2.8 inches and have the same buttons as its big brother of 4.3 inches.


IFM official integrator

EFA supports you in the definition of the product, the programming and the installation on site.
We also offer completely integrated subassemblies (dashboard, lectern, harnesses, electrical cabinets …) easy to install. Also certified as a training organization, EFA teaches you programming in Codesys in order to become autonomous and to improve your own machines.