Can Bus Instruments range

Can Bus Instruments range

Efa France is a partner of Italian company AMA, which provides technological solutions to OEMs in the agricultural sector.

We support you in the definition and programming of all human-machine interfaces in the cabin. Dashboards, displays, keyboard, controllers and other embedded electronics components.

All screens come with very intuitive configuration software that allows you to customize it quickly. A library of pictograms and functions is provided, all you have to do is place them on the screen.

Of course for a deeper customization and the development of new functions Efa France and its programmers are here to support you.

Touch screens or classic one serve as a basis for designing the dashboard that will perfectly fit the needs of the end users of your vehicle. All instruments are Can Bus compatible, so they will be the perfect companions in creating your human-machine interface.


AMA official partner,

EFA supports you in the products definition, programming and on-site installation.

We also offer completely integrated subassemblies (dashboard, console, beams, electrical cabinets …) easy to install.

Also a certified training organization, EFA teaches you C programming to become autonomous and improve your machines yourself.