Cable control units

Radio frequency free cables control

Cable control units are transmitting and receiving unitsconnected by a cable to the automated machine. It is an ideal solution for situations where radiofrequency is prohibited or dangerous.
Cable control unitsare intended for work platforms or spare units. Situations in which the wired link is not disturbing since the operator is near the box.

AUTEC offers 6 different products to choose according to its needs in actions. They have a screen that displays messages from the machine status through the CAN connection. The screens have the particularity of being readable even in very sunny places. They also have the STOP function according to ISO 13849-1 and an emergency stop. For added security, it requires a start key to activate the control unit electronics.

Depending on the individual boxes, some offer up to 4 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs and 6 or 12 analog and CAN outputs. They meet both work and ergonomic requirements, and regulatory constraints.


Efa is a mobile equipment specialist and wants to open up to the industrial sector by commercializing mobile radio controls. Efa provides the complete range of radio controls for this sector, namely the different types of transmitters and receivers. We integrate this communication into your company and help you choose the most suitable remote controls and receivers for your needs, your production and your operators.