AJ3 joysticks range

AJ3 joysticks range

AJ3 joysticks range (sensata technologies) known as Delta Tech Controls, offers one of the best quality-price ratio in Off High Way market.
Proven manipulators, ergonomic design and reliabilityrecognized by market leaders, the AJ3 range is a mobile machine control solution.
Multi-function handles, sockets with analog output signal or CAN, IP65, 12V or 24V.
The AJ3 range regroups many manipulators. If you want details, you can read the documents below


As an onboard joystick specialist, EFA provides the full range of Sensata Technologies.

Also, we make your custom manipulator by adding control buttons and sensors to the joystick. We modify the electronic card and recalibrate the signal according to your needs.

We also integrate these control elements into complete man-machine interfaces such as dashboards, desks, armrests, etc.