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Adaptalarm smart sound system

Adaptalarm – sound equipment – CanBus

Ref: Can only: 115-121-001; Can +: 115-131-001; Free Bus: 115-141-001

The adaptalarm is an intelligent sound system, it adds a sound to the image.
Indeed, it allows the operator to stay focused on his work while listening to alerts, advice or indications from the adaptalarm.

The adaptalarm “understands” your vehicle.

The software offers a simple and intuitive configuration. In addition, a website with 254 sounds will be available to find the sounds that match you best.
Also, thanks to its IP67 sealing and IK08 impact resistance, the product adapts to all your environments, even the most severe ones.
Therefore, it is a product that will bring you safety, productivity and comfort.

The information audible and understandable by all ensures a better consideration of information. It is a driving aid that tends to become indispensable.
The adaptalarm comes in 3 technical solutions to best adapt to your solutions: Can Only, Can + and Bus Free. Come discover the one that suits you.

It’s your creativity that will make the difference.

Sound redundancy, sound confirmation, detection sounds, voice messages, advice, information, help with driving.

Our sensory memory is an identification tool too often underestimated that it is important to know how to stimulate the users of your products. Like images, sound identity expresses values ​​and is a major element of the brand, boosting its attractiveness. Therefore, the sound identity is for you source of notoriety.

Let your machine express itself.

Give a sound identity to your machine, through a multi-tone alarm, a voice system, a talking alarm, a buzzer, a horn, a back-up alarm …

Know how
Sound designer, EFA France also accompanies you in the creation of your sound identity.

From the study of your environment to the supply of your parametric adaptalarm, we create your audio files and give you access to a sound library rich in sounds and voice messages.

We can also realize your machine program and provide you with a wired and assembled assembly according to your needs.


The adaptalarm can be used in many situations. It allows the operator to stay focused on his work while listening to adaptalarm indications.

Reach a target value

Safety instructions and warnings

Sound redundancy


Sound identity


Learning mode

Confirmation sounds

What about you ?