3Dtection Kit Video

3Dtection Kit Video

The 3Dtection Kit video is an improvement on our “classic” 3Dtection Kit. It is an optical system which measures the distance between the sensor and the various objects which are in its detection zone.

A lighting unit illuminates the scene and the camera detects the infrared light reflected by the surface in front of it. This sensor is then optimized and adapted to the requirements and needs of mobile machines.

It is intended to be used outdoors, for difficult ambient light conditions. In addition, the principle is based on ToF technology to deliver 3D image data. It then makes it possible to provide new assistance functions for automation tasks. The communication mode is via Ethernet or CAN.

These sensors are coupled to two types of feedback:

Video return thanks to a camera installed in the field of vision of the sensor. The display is done on a 7 inch screen installed in the cabin.
Customizable and adjustable sound feedback thanks to our Adaptalarm
This fully modular and plug and play kit increases vehicle safety.

In fact, thanks to its 3D sensor and its visual and audible feedback system, the safety in the working environment of your machine will considerably increase.

Set your 3 detection zones and your field of action, or let us do it for you, and work safely!

Our system works under all working conditions. Whether the weather is good or rainy, day or night, your machine monitors its work area.


Anti-collision system in restricted work areas and / or heavily used by other vehicles or pedestrians.
Autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicle guidance
Hazardous area approach
Line or swath monitoring in the agricultural sector

A very useful application is the detection of fluorescent vests. Indeed, on a construction site there are many obstacles and full of people who circulate. By detecting only the vests you avoid your system to be on constant alert. No more information!
Trucks and other large construction machines are sources of many accidents that can then have serious consequences. Safety first!