360° camera kit

Kit 360° cameras

Efa offers a wide range of 360 degree camera / monitor kit. They improve the vehicle and operators safety. These are easily configurable kits that allow operators to see everything around the vehicle in one glance. These kits considerably reduce material and human accidents.

Indeed they help the driver to move through the narrow streets, to park and to better detect the pedestrians and their distance from the vehicle. Driving a construction machine, a bus or a truck is not always easy because of its large volume. Therefore they risk accidents.

Thanks to these cameras, more accidents are prevented and avoided by the driver. The cost of repairing the vehicles will then be considerably reduced as well as the accidents at work.


These kits are composed of 4 cameras 180 degrees in color. They are placed at the front, rear and sides of the vehicle. On the screen, the driver can see a view from the top of the vehicle and thanks to the special system 360 degrees, the views of all the cameras. They operate only between 0 and 30 km / h to avoid hinder the driver when he travels at higher speeds. They also replace the back-up cameras.
For machines that not necessarily requiring 4 cameras, there is in particular a kit 270 degrees composed of 2 cameras 180 degrees, a camera 150 degrees and a screen.

Some of the kits come with a monitor customizable box. Indeed, this one can be divided in two with an overview and, on the other part, a personalized view of the chosen camera

The operator can then change his view by choosing another camera to help him move around. These kits will fit best with all your vehicles and construction machinery. They will help the driver to avoid daily accidents and crashes causing significant financial losses.