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Efa and electric vehicles:

Thanks to its long-standing partnerships with suppliers of components for electric powertrains and its experience as an electrical and electronic design office, Efa offers its customers support in the electrification and creation of electric vehicles.

Our vision of agricultural markets, public works, railways, airports, logistics, etc., allows us to offer different and increasingly innovative technologies.

Study, prototyping, creation of turnkey subassemblies for vehicles or near machines. We put our expertise at your disposal whatever your project.

We can assist you in retrofitting your thermal vehicle, electrifying a vehicle or creating a new electric vehicle.

Our skills do not stop at electrification but extend to the automation of the various functions of the vehicle and its equipment, from the loader to the wheel, from the control unit to the actuator.

Of course we are experts in regulation and will help you pass the certification tests of your equipment.

  • From charger to wheel

From 24V to 750V

From 300W to 300KW

  • From Joystick à l’actuator

Whatever the kinematics of your vehicle ….

Pont / Roues suspendues

Roues Mecanum

Roue motrice avec timon

Motoroues différentiels


Essieu Rigide

… We have a solution for you.

Somes examples

AGV - B2A technology

Désherbeur à eau chaude - Oeliatec

Distributeur d'aliment - Robot System

Tondeuse électrique - Etesia

Voiture électrique "retro" - Nigloland

Race car - Mitjet

Little tractor - Adap'table

Autonomous surveillance robot - TBC

Electric car - Méhari Loisirs

Autonomous robot - Agreenculture

Wood chipper - Rabaud

How do we work?

Evaluation of the vehicle as a whole

Whether your vehicle is hydraulic, thermal or electric, we take into account all your specificities and make a complete study of it in order to adapt to your needs.

Electrification and automation

Once your needs have been defined, we dimension the entire electric traction chain, the drive of the auxiliaries, and all the associated control command.

Sourcing and supplying

Our partnerships and our experience in distribution will allow us to provide you with all the necessary elements for the manufacture of your electric vehicle.

Vehicle integration

We help you to integrate our solutions into the overall design of your vehicle. We make sure that you comply with electrical standards and that everyone works perfectly.

Commissioning and feedback

Once the vehicle is finished, we carry out measurements and an analysis report on its performance. This ensures that you meet your customers’ requirements.

Training and skills transfer

If you wish, as a certified training organization, we can train you on the design and modification of your vehicle parameters.

Our Best-sellers

Motorized transaxles

Our range of motorized decks will allow you to manufacture electric vehicles of all kinds. AGV, tractor-pusher, dumper, racing car, …..

Electric drive wheels

Our range of drive wheels is perfect for creating your AGVs or other electric vehicles that need to turn on their own.

Motorcycle pump unit

Motor pump sets are widely used on vehicles with hydraulic actuators. Discover our range of electric motor pumps designed for all your applications.

Electric motors

Our range of electric motors is made to meet all your power and torque needs and fit on our decks. Whether it’s a traction or pump application, we’re here!

Motor controllers

In order to control your drive train we have built a range of drives to meet all your needs. We can also train you to their configuration.

Batteries and chargers

The battery and charger part is essential in any electric vehicle project. We offer you batteries and chargers to meet all your needs.

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