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Flashing lights, alarms and rear view mirrors in addition to document boxes

Building and maintaining an off-road vehicle requires a number of electronic and mechanical parts. efa France works with manufacturers, maintenance companies and users to consolidate their purchases of document boxes, reversing cameras, flashing lights and Cri du Lynx alarms. By consolidating all market needs, efa helps you benefit from the best products at the right price.

As part of its development, efa has built a very strong partnership with certain factories that produce R10 or R46 certified rear view mirrors both in large volumes and for small production runs.

efa France’s signalling range brings together a large number of product types:

  • pole-mounted or magnetic flashing lights for response vehicles
  • blue or orange flashing lights for lifting platforms
  • “arc-de-cercle” lasers to secure logistics vehicles
Flashing light
Work light

L’éclairage de votre engin est clé pour votre sécurité et celle des autres. Des feux de gabarit aux feux de travail, efa saura vous aider dans le sourcing de vos éclairages de quelques milliwatts pour les éclairages intérieurs à plusieurs dizaines de watts pour les éclairages extérieurs.

As well as visual signalling, all of the machines are equipped with audible signals, such as two-tone alarms, Cri du Lynx alarms or simply with horns.

All of these solutions are available in our catalogue or on request by contacting us.

High-pitched warning
Full HD reversing camera

Lorsque votre sécurité est en jeu, efa a la solution. Vous cherchez des solutions d’anti-collision avancées ou des caméras de recul, les solutions sont pléthores et les fonctions également:

  • Caméra HD ou Full HD
  • Caméra filaire ou sans fil

efa knows how to produce rear view mirrors for construction machinery, tractors and any other off-road machinery.

Contact us and, depending on the size of your project, we will be able to guide you towards the most suitable solutions.

rear view mirror
Document box

The document box: a basic and essential product (because it is standard) in machinery manufacture and use.

The products offered by efa are manufactured using high-density polypropylene for the long-term protection of your documents in difficult environments:

  • Rectangular A4 or A5 format
  • Tubular format

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