Autonomous Navigation Systems

for your AGVs

EFA expertise

With its expertise in the electric traction chain and collision avoidance systems, Efa naturally turned to the autonomous vehicle. Our know-how has enabled us to quickly set up navigation systems for our customers’ AGVs.

Our solution for AGV is highly configurable and will meet all your needs. Its modularity is its strength and your business will always be the engine of your AGV

Our solution adapts to your business and not the other way around!

Our solution benefits

Better integration with the industrial environment

No stripe of paint, no ground wire, adapts to its environment.

Our location-based solution to its environment does not require a change in the work infrastructure. By scanning its environment permanently and thanks to the first reconnaissance map, your vehicle can be guided alone through it. You make changes, no problem the system recognizes it and adjusts accordingly!

An easy implementation

Thanks to its dedicated software, the configuration on your AGV is very easy.

Enter the kinematics of your vehicle, make a first pass, configure your journey and your spots, voila! The dedicated software makes it easy to set up the basics of your AGV application. Of course, we are here to go further, and to go further with you, because it is you who know your business problem best.

Autonomous obstacle avoidance

Thanks to real-time route planning, no interruption due to an obstacle.

The navigation system used makes it possible to constantly know the position of the AGV with respect to the objects. It is therefore possible to recognize obstacles and set up an avoidance maneuver without interrupting the process. In addition, this is also valid between several AGVs of the fleet. Indeed, the central server knows the position of each AGV and adjusts the trips in function.

What we bring you

Project Management

After having met and understood your needs, we put in place all our expertise and manage the integration of our technology on your machine. We size the ideal system for your application. We make sure that the electrical and mechanical safety of your vehicle is optimal.

Component supplying

Once your gear autonomous ready we do not let you down. Thanks to our partners, we are able to supply the components of your AGV (motors, sensors, axles, safety PLCs, …) so that you can produce in series.


Autonomous vehicles are subject to use and safety regulations. We help you understand and integrate them. We can also train you in the use and configuration of our interface so that your AGV is scalable. And we can also assist you in finding financing for your concept.

Want to make your vehicle autonomous or build an AGV?

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