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A lateral anti-collision sensor

Preview Side Defender II is the most sophisticated lateral anti-collision sensor in the medium to heavy vehicle range. 

Side Defender II uses a frequency modulatedtransmission waveform to accurately detect and measure the distance, angle and relative speed of objects.

Highlighting the evolution of cutting-edge technology, Side Defender II adds the notoriety of VRU to PRECO’s Blind Spot Lane Change Warning feature and successfully eliminates harmful alerts, reduces lane change accidents and mitigates incidents in crowded urban areas.

Using Lane Change Assist, Preview Side Defender II alerts operators of vehicles in side blind spots. Side Defender II helps drivers focus on what matters most and is designed to reduce the number of collisions with bicycles and motorbikes.

Side Defender II uses the vehicle’s speed information to detect:

  • ZOnly moving objects (cyclists, motorcycles, etc.)
  • ZWhile ignoring stationary objects (vehicles, electric posts)

Side Defender II adds smart technology to a lane change assist feature, meeting the demand for collision mitigation systems that can ignore stationary objects while alerting you of moving VRUs in crowded city environments.

A reliable system

Side Defender II is equipped with a self-diagnosis function that alerts the driver in a fraction of a second if malfunctions or excessive blockages have been detected.

Integration of anti-collision sensor

The CAN Bus communication protocol for Side Defender II facilitates integration with telematic, ADAS or other systems. When it is used with a telematic application, Side Defender II is an excellent management tool. Additionally, it is capable of integrating vehicle control systems, vision systems or other sensors using industry standard communications.

efa France is integrating more and more anti-collision solutions for these customers. This problem is actually very significant, both in terms of collisions between machines, and machine-pedestrian collisions, of which there can be many. We help our customers find the most suitable solution for their working environment. Once this solution has been found, we program the kit and prepare it for installation.