Oda System

efa’s railway anti-collision system

The Oda System is an evolution of the 3Dtection Kit. It is a modular kit capable of housing several sensors (front/rear function) as well as several audible feedback systems (cabin and exterior).

It has a large screen so you can configure it easily and display visual feedback. The ODA System software is very efficient, making it possible to adapt the size of the detection zones according to the vehicle’s forward speed.

ODA is designed for easy installation. It is very versatile. You can detect all types of objects over 20 metres or just the reflective vests over 80 metres.

ODA provides you with the danger zone using its video feedback and on-screen indications. It also plays a different sound depending on the level of danger.

An efficient and adaptable system

Construction sites have always been dangerous areas that incur accidents, sometimes serious ones. ODA, standing for Object Detection Assistant, improves the safety of operators and machines in order to reduce the risk of accidents.

ODA makes it possible to meet the safety requirements imposed on railway and public works sites.

ODA adapts to the surrounding environment and to the machine’s operating phases. The detection zones change dynamically depending on:

Movement speed

Direction of travel

The position of the driver’s seat

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