Bird View 360 camera kit

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The 360° camera system kit

Like 360° cameras in cars, our 360° camera system enables you to see all around the vehicle in a single image. Our kit can contain a screen if your vehicle is not already equipped with one. This kit is easily configurable and enables operators to see all around the vehicle with a single glance. This kit considerably reduces material and human accidents. It improves the safety of your vehicles and therefore your operators.

They actually help the driver to move in narrow streets, to park and to better see pedestrians and their distance from the vehicle. Driving a construction machine, a bus or a truck is not always easy because of its large size.

Thanks to these cameras, a lot of accidents can be avoided. Vehicle repair costs will then be considerably reduced, as will work accidents.

A new generation kit, designed to facilitate installation and configuration:

  • Zthe new generation kit has an automatic calibration system that can calibrate in seconds
  • ZA faster configuration and a more efficient system
  • ZA new, more compact box that can be installed on smaller surfaces

Easy to install

Covers blind spots

Poorly lit environments

How does our Bird View 360° camera work?

The principle is very simple: 4 or 6 190-degree HD cameras will be installed, depending on the size of your vehicle. They can be placed on the front, on the rear and on the sides of the vehicle. Unlike 360° camera systems in cars, to have a better overall view of the vehicle, the cameras must be installed at height.

Once the cameras are installed, the 360° system will gather all the images taken by them and stitch them together on a screen to give you an overview of the environment outside your machine.

360° camera

Using a collection of high-quality 3D images you will be able to see, in real time, any fixed and mobile obstacles surrounding your vehicle while also detecting human presence. It operates between 0 and 30 km/h so as not to disturb the driver when driving at higher speeds.

It is possible to connect our 360° kit to your vehicle screen or to add one specifically for this function. The cameras can also be adapted to your working conditions (dust, cold, water spray, etc.). The system is also equipped with infrared lighting to improve night vision in areas with little or no light. This 360° night vision makes your manoeuvres safe, even when your surroundings are very poorly lit.

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