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360° pedestrian detection

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An efa 360° innovation to facilitate pedestrian detection

Secure your new factory-built or retrofit vehicles by fitting the 360DKIT onto each of them.

Increased vigilance and navigation comfort will improve the safety of your employees, in particular by preventing damage caused by man-machine collisions.

With its unique anticollision artificial intelligence, the efa solution combines pedestrian detection with 360° aerial vision around the vehicle.

Or how to move from passive detection to intelligent detection.

Truck with efa 360DKIT camera

Why a 360° version for efa pedestrian detection kits ?

Capitalising on the positive feedback from the EFA 2DKIT Pedestrian Detection solution and our passive 360° vision technology, our engineers wanted to go one step further and transpose this 2DKIT solution to a panoramic aerial view. Pedestrians are detected and protected all around the vehicle, leaving no blind spots.

A compact, modular efa detection kit  

Loading truck in a plant - efa
  • Z1 all-in-one HD screen available in 2 sizes (7'' or 10'') installed in the cab
  • Z4 outdoor 1080P HD cameras, for each blind spot to be protected
  • ZAccessories: set of reusable calibration covers, extension cable, etc.

If you want to go even further, you can choose this 360DKIT solution with recorder box and 4 or 6 cameras.

Numerous advantages at hand for an effective solution  

Bus at a crossroad with 360 camera
  • ZPedestrian detection
  • Z360° vision
  • ZExcellent image quality
  • ZAutomatic calibration

How to install the 360DKIT on industrial vehicles ? 

  • The cameras are ideally mounted at a height of over 2.5m, to ensure symmetry.
  • Quality calibration is automatic and fast, thanks to visual recognition of the covers
  • Parameters can be set to customise both the type of view and the pedestrian detection zones

Installation is simple and can be carried out easily by our customers. However, if you would like help with installation, efa’s After-Sales Service can offer you personalised support and an on-site installation service.

efa's 360DKIT is your reference tool for 360° pedestrian protection !


Optimise the safety of your vehicles using artificial intelligence.
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