2DKIT – Collision Avoidance


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What is the 2DKIT?

The efa 2DKIT is equipped with anti-collision artificial intelligence that can detect human forms on a 2D plane using image processing. This solution can be personally configured to meet your current needs.

With the aim of avoiding the often significant damage caused by man-machine collisions, efa can offer you a pedestrian detection solution, to ensure the safety of our customers’ employees.

We support you throughout the definition of your needs, with technical support at your disposal to resolve any problems, as well as our network of installers.

In-cab alerts

1 // Detection

The detected pedestrian is highlighted by a coloured rectangle according to the detection zone.

2 // Audible alert

At the same time, there is an audible alert that changes according to the detection zone and informs the operator of a possible dangerous situation.

3 // Configuration

The display, the detection zones, the type of alert, the sound volume, as well as the frequency of the audible alerts can be configured by the installer.

Smart camera fields

Camera capacity up to 12 m, with 140° viewing angle

Rear detection zone

the detection zone is configurable, indicating 3 danger zones

Blind spot detection zone

Installing a second 2DKIT camera provides coverage of the right blind spot, a dangerous area





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