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Wired Solution

These control boxes are transmitter and receiver units connected by a cable to the automated machine. It is an ideal solution for situations in which radiofrequency is prohibited or dangerous. This range is designed for lifting platforms or all machines with arm movement. Situations in which the wired connection is not a problem since the operator is near the control box.

The wired range was developed to meet requirements of applications in which radio frequency is prohibited.
The consoles in the WC (Wired Can) and WA (Wired Analog) range are identical to the manipulators in the Dynamic range but, in the lower part, also provide for the installation of multipolar connectors.


Performance of the STOP Function up to PL e cat.4 / SIL 3, in accordance with standard EN ISO 13849-1 / EN IEC 62061

Availability of an emergency stop

They meet the work needs, ergonomic requirements and regulatory constraints.

WC models have:


  • Z8 digital outputs
  • Z8 PWM analogue outputs
  • Z2 voltage analogue outputs
  • Z4 digital inputs
  • Z1 CAN Open output
  • ZOn-board electronics power-up key

WA models have:


  • Z16 digital outputs
  • Z12 PWM analogue outputs
  • Z6 voltage analogue outputs
  • Z4 digital inputs
  • Z1 CAN Open output
  • ZOn-board electronics power-up key

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