embedded voice control system

EVAS – embedded voice control system

EVAS is the first onboard control system with an integrated database that communicates via the CAN BUS. It has multiple speakers, multiple languages and works offline.

The system recognises the order configured by the operator and translates it by sending a CAN frame on the network.
EVAS thus makes it possible to control the vehicle’s functions, to activate combinations of functions, or even request information using your voice, meaning that the operator can remain focused on their main task.

Pre-recorded voice commands are offered when configuring the system but it is also possible to record your own commands.

  • ZA fully customisable system: save up to 1000 orders
  • ZA simple and intuitive configuration
  • ZImpact resistance: IK08, protection rating: IP67, suitable for all environments

EVAS brings you Safety Productivity Comfort

Our expertise

As specialist in onboard voice recognition applications, efa has mastered the acquisition of sounds in a noisy environment, the processing of the sound signal and the transcription of the phonemes recognised in CAN Bus language.

This means we can support you in audibly diagnosing your environment, we can select a microphone suited to your business constraints, and we can also provide our experience of onboard voice control in the field.

EVAS can be used in many different situations. It provides the user with a “third” hand: their voice.

With EVAS you can:

  • ZNavigate on the screen (hydraulic parameter display, lower pump 2 pressure, etc.)
  • ZActivate work zones (nozzle 1 activation, zone 1 activation, etc.)
  • ZCheck your machine (on/off, working lights, PTO ignition, position 2, etc.)
  • ZAsk for information about its condition (fuel level, battery level, etc.)
  • ZActivate work modes or predefined settings (night/day mode, learner driving, cleaning procedure, etc.)

Everything that is connected to your machine’s CAN Bus is controllable and consultable thanks to EVAS. So it’s up to you to find the right application.