Customisable alarm


Adaptalarm – audible equipment – CanBus

Ref: Can only: 115-121-001; Can +: 115-131-001; Bus Free: 115-141-001

Adaptalarm is an intelligent sound system: it adds sound to the image.
It enables the operator to stay focused on their work while listening to the alerts, advice or indications emitted by the Adaptalarm.

The software offers a simple and intuitive configuration. Additionally, a website with 254 sounds will be made available to you so that you can find the sounds that best match your situation.
As it is rated waterproof IP67 and impact resistant IK08, the product is suitable for even the harshest environments.
It will provide safety, productivity and comfort.

The information can be heard and understood by everyone, ensuring a better consideration of the information. It is a driving aid that is becoming indispensable.
The Adaptalarm has 3 technical options to best adapt to your situation: Can Only, Can + and Bus Free. Find the one that best suits you.

The Adaptalarm 'understands' your vehicle

Our expertise

Repetition + Audible confirmation

Detection sounds

Voice messages



Driver assistance

Your creativity will set you apart

Our sensory memory is an identification tool that is too often underestimated, but it is important to know how to stimulate it in those using your products. Just like images, sound identity expresses values and constitutes a major part of the brand, boosting its attractiveness. This means that sound identity can make you famous.

Give your machine a sound identity, through a multi-sound alarm, a voice system, a talking alarm, a buzzer, a horn, a back-up alarm, etc.

Let your machine express itself.

As a sound designer, efa France can also support you in creating your sound identity.

From studying your environment to providing your configured Adaptalarm, we create your audio files and give you access to a sound library with a wealth of sounds and voice messages.

We can also produce your machine program and provide you with a wired and assembled final product, depending on your needs.

The Adaptalarm can be used in a number of situations. It enables the operator to remain focused on their work while listening to the indications provided by the Adaptalarm.