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Controls at efa

Precision, efficiency and ergonomics are the three pillars for controlling machines and industrial vehicles.

For many years, Efa has provided its services to OEMs and equips them with the best control devices to manage their vehicles. On the strength of this experience, we have built solid partnerships with market leaders.

In addition to control, we have added to this range various HMIs, screens and other CAN BUS accessories so that the user experience and the ergonomics of the machines can be improved.

All vehicle control essentials are available from efa:

  • ZJoysticks
  • ZPedals
  • ZButtons
  • ZTiller heads
  • ZControl armrests
  • ZComplete workstations
  • ZRadio controls

We specialise in vehicles for road and rail, special response vehicles, and in the logistics, airport and electric vehicle sectors.