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Are you looking for a solution to prevent collisions between pedestrians and machinery, particularly on your hired equipment?

Find out in our Business Case how efa provided a tailor-made solution for its customer, a French group specialising in construction and civil engineering.

The customer
A leading French construction company, our customer operates in the building, civil engineering, roads and networks sectors.

The problem
This leader aims to achieve “0 accidents” on all its sites.
To improve the safety of its employees, it relies, among other things, on the use of innovative technologies.
This customer was interested in efa’s 2DKIT Pedestrian Detection technology, but was unable to implement it due to the use of short-term hire equipment.

The challenge
How to install a pedestrian detection kit on a machine on a one-off basis?
After identifying this constraint on an initial machine, this new market demand served as a trigger.
efa decided to meet the sector’s expectations by developing a pedestrian detection solution that could be used temporarily, and that was compact, autonomous and plug&play.

The solution
Using efa’s technological building blocks, our engineers have succeeded in transmitting pedestrian detection images up to 170m in an open field, using FHSS secure wireless communication. 1 or 2 outdoor 1080P HD camera modules communicate with the in-cab 7″ HD screen module.
Power supply is straightforward, via batteries and a cigarette-lighter cable, while powerful magnets ensure a secure hold. 2DKIT Wireless Camera Module

The result
Last summer, the first two 2DKIT Wireless modules were delivered to our customer for use in the field. Since then, all the employees involved in the project have adopted the solution, from drivers to site foremen and safety officers.

They appreciate :

– Easy assembly/disassembly on telescopic forklifts,
– Configuring detection zones in just a few minutes,
– Efficient pedestrian detection to protect blind spots.

Since then, around ten 2DKIT Wireless systems have been delivered to its various subsidiaries.

Download the Business Case: 2DKIT Wireless solution for rental vehicles – PDF

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