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efa offers you support and solutions to meet the new standards that will be in place from July 2024.

In 2019, the European Union introduced a major revision of the rules on mandatory safety devices for cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles. This update provides for a gradual implementation of the devices, with significant changes for trucks from July 2024.

By this date, all new trucks sold in the EU will have to comply with the General Security Regulation (GSR). (RGS).

 Among the list of compulsory safety systems,

↪️ efa offers innovative and intelligent solutions:


✅ Emergency stop signal : a flashing stop light (or similar) to warn other road users behind the truck that it is slowing down quickly or braking suddenly.

↪️ Our efa solutions communicate in CAN (Sentry, Side Defender, 2DKIT) or via TOR outputs (2DKIT) which can control beacons, buzzers, alarms inside and outside the truck cab.


✅ Rear-view information : technology, materialised by a camera or sensors, which gives the driver an overview of objects and people behind the truck.

↪️ ️ In addition to cameras for viewing the rear and/or blind spots of the vehicle, the efa range allows you to activate the detection warning only when reverse gear is active.

When we install several cameras, it is possible to display the camera that detects the pedestrian in full screen for better visibility

In addition, we have ‘passive’ 360° and ‘active’ 360° solutions with pedestrian detection, enabling the products in the efa range to respond fully to this point in different ways.


✅ Blind spot information system: a system that warns the driver of cyclists driving alongside or crossing in front.

↪️ Our Side Defender is connected to the truck and detects the truck’s speed. By measuring the speed of the truck and objects around it, it can detect moving objects in its field of vision.

The 2DKIT uses AI to detect humans in the blind spot. The advantage is that the 140° angle gives a wide field of vision, but the detection zones mean that only the blind spots of interest are detected, combining safety with driver comfort.

           Side Defender

Ecran 2DKIT 20232DKIT

✅ Departure information system: technology that warns the driver of vulnerable road users in front of the vehicle before departure or when driving at low speed.

↪️ The 360DKIT solution detects people and positions them on the screen so that the driver knows where the danger is.

The system differentiates between humans and objects, which reduces false positives. Each alert is real and this increases the driver’s vigilance (compared with a device that rings all the time!).


Logo 360DKIT

✅ Event data recorder: a “black box” to record accident data. Launch is planned for later in 2029.

↪️ Efa can offer optional recorders for its 360 and 360DKIT solutions.

Recording is done on USB key with automatic deletion in accordance with RGPD constraints.


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